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The Masters at Sonora Kung Fu San Soo have a total combined experience of more than 75 years of training. The other current instructors have more than 20 combined training years of experience. That makes over 95 total years of experience available to students. Because this is a true training school, a labor of love, and not really a commercial endeavor, the cost of this experience is extraordinary value for students interested in learning the art.

Master Rusty Wallace

Master Rusty wallace began training in Kung Fu San Soo with Grandmaster Bill Lasiter in Ontario California, January 5th 1975. He received his black belt in 1977, and mastered in 1986. He started his own school in Hesperia, California, in 1986, and continued training with Bill Lasiter until he moved to Sonora in 1991, serving as his main "dummy" demonstration partner. In 2001, in the November issue of Inside Kung Fu Magazine, Bill Lasiter named Rusty first among his three best fighers. Privately, Jeff Frater of United Fighting Systems, said he felt Rusty was at the high end of the top ten Kung Fu San Soo trainers in the world. Rusty was featured in the 1984 & 1985 Kung Fu San Soo Expo’s at Citrus College in Caliofornia, and founded the Sonora School in 1993. Since then Rusty has produced five masters and more than a score of black belts.

Rusty has given demonstrations and training seminars throughout the world. He visited Germany to train US Military Special Operation Forces at Ramstein Air Force Base, and sponsored Kung Fu San Soo seminars in Düsseldorf. He was an instructor for the All School Seminar in Las Vegas, and did three seminars in Australia in 2011 for Mixed Martial Arts schools.

Today, he still teaches and "works out" with his students, a rare thing these days, four days a week totaling 10 hours of hard training & conditioning. At 61 he feels his body is in better shape now than ever before. In every class he creates and trains using ever new techniques that are only limited by the imagination. Every lesson is different. Every month he creates a new and different weapons form and a new free form, teaching everyone in class. Everything Rusty does is unique, but still remains grounded on the foundations of good fighting techniques and the long tradition of Chan Family Tsoi Li Ho, training in the ancient free form method of Kung Fu San Soo.

Seminars and Private Instruction

Master Rusty Wallace does public demonstrations as well as private seminars and provides private training programs for individuals and groups, including schools, civic organizations, private security, police, and military. To contact Rusty for more information about arranging a group seminar or for private training, click here.

Other Master Instructors

Master Antony Shaw

Anthony Shaw began training in Kung Fu San Soo with Master Rusty Wallace in 1992, and received his masters certification in 2004. He has his own school in Tuolumne.

Master Joe Casteel

Joe Casteel began training in Kung Fu San Soo with Master Rusty Wallace in 1992, and received his masters certification in 2004. He teaches both at the Sonora School and on his own.

Master Justin Wallace

Justin Wallace is the son of Rusty Wallace, and began training in Kung Fu San Soo with his father as a child.

Master Rick Christian

Rick Christian began training in Kung Fu San Soo with Master Rusty Wallace in 1997, and received his masters certification in 2010.

Other Instructors

Steve Evans - Black Belt

Kevin Gustafson - 1st Degree Black Belt

Ian Gustafson - 1st Degree Black Belt

Russel Nystrom - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Jeff Griffin - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Brandon Wallace - 2nd Degree Black Belt


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