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Those That Went Before

A photographic journey of the Sonora Kung Fu San Soo School lineage.

Sonora School at Bill Lasiter's 2007 Seminar Those that went before...


Bill Lasiter Seminar and KFSS Annual Picnic, 2007

Shots from Bill Lasiter's Seminar and the 3rd Annual Kung Fu San Soo Picnic and Gathering, 2007.

Sonora Masters with Bill Lasiter, 2006 Bill's 2007 Seminar and KFSS Picnic...


Sonora School Snapshots

A few of the personalities associated with the Sonora School of Kung Fu San Soo.

Sonora Masters with Bill Lasiter, 2006 Sonora School Snapshots...


Chinese New Year Snapshots, 2006

Colorful photographs of the San Francisco Chinese new year parade, and more.

Chinese New Year, Stockton Chinese New Year Snapshots...

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